PTC®Home of the Practical Training Cuff

PTC® manufactures the Practical Training Cuffs which are in use by virtually every branch of the U.S. Government for training proper handcuffing techniques, many private training facilities, Police Academies, Department of Corrections and many foreign governments


The PTC® Cuff has a patented unique keyless release mechanism.

The Practical Training Cuff with quick release is now available in...
  • Smith & Wesson® Chained
  • Peerless® Chained
  • Peerless® Hinged
  • S & W Double Lock
  • Oversized
  • Peerless® Belly Chains
  • Peerless® Leg Irons
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PTC® Instruments has been in business in Southern California since 1946. We manufacture a wide range of industrial products. PTC® is the home of the "Practical Training Cuff "as well as the worlds leading manufacturer of both durometers and bimetal surface thermometers.